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Five years ago, when I first started my allergy-free cooking journey, I literally would scour the internet looking for recipes that we could eat. I spent several hours a week looking for recipes that would fit our dietary needs or recipes close enough that I could make it with a few minor tweeks.

Whenever I would find these recipes I would print them off and cram it into my recipe binder. I still have this binder by the way (see picture below). 🙂

How to use Yummly

Problem one with using a binder is that it was never nor has it ever been organized. Relocating the recipe was so frustrating, I often would give up and jump online to look for a similar recipe. Talk about defeating the purpose. 😕

Problem two was the food stained recipe notes after my dinner was hot on the table. Remnants of dinner always seemed to make their way on to my recipe notes either causing me to lose the directions or eventually having to toss the recipe out along with the dinner scraps.

Problem three was the user ability. It was awkward to cook with a bulky folder or a flimsy sheet of paper. I was constantly moving both which often lead to an increase of problem two.

How to use Yummly

My current cooking situation is perfect. I moved my desktop into our kitchen after wanting to be able to get some work done while still keeping an eye on the kids. My bedroom where my desktop was before didn’t have any of the kids’ toys in there so it was becoming more hassle than it was worth hauling toys back and forth from our living room to our bedroom. I never imagined that I would use my desktop so much for cooking and baking too!

Frequently during the week, I find myself saving recipes to try out. It really is perfect. I was first afraid of liquid spilling into the key board but that has yet to happen (knock on wood). 🙂

How to use Yummly

Now, that I am so attached to my desktop, I’ve been looking into great places to save and store recipes. That’s when I discovered YUMMLY.

If you haven’t heard of it I strongly encourage you to check it out. Yummly is a virtual recipe box that will personalize and find recipes based on your personal taste, current ingredients or dietary needs.

Of course, you can just go on there and search to your heart’s content finding and drooling over amazing recipes too. 🙂 I really like how easy it is to use. You don’t have to have a ton of tech savy to find your way around the site. Yummly is really easy and simple to use.

I also REALLY love that they figure out all of the nutritional information for each recipe for you. This is so helpful for people who are looking to lose weight or just want to keep tabs on their caloric intake.

A Step by Step Way to Use Yummly

Step 1. Yummly is available on the web or mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, etc). Go to and create an account or sign in using Facebook.

How to use Yummly

Step 2. Use one of the most innovate recipe searches to find and filter recipes based on taste preferences, known allergies (my favorite), and dietary restrictions.

How to use Yummly

Step 3. Save Your Searched or Recommended Recipes. Once your preferences are in place, you can search for recipes based on course, calories, ingredients or ratings. The sky is the limit. When you find a recipe you want to save, simply click the “yum” button to have the recipe save to your personal recipe box.

You can then share the recipe on a few social media platforms as well.

How to use Yummly

Step 4: Organize your recipes. Just like Pinterest you can organize your recipes depending on the type of course or ingredient. Here’s what mine looks like. 🙂

How to use Yummly

I would love for you to connect with you on Just look for 🙂

How to use Yummly


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