I’m Allison Kuslikis. Welcome to A Sweetened Life, a brand committed to restoring joy and taste back in the kitchen with all gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with a gluten-allergy and my life was turned upside down. My gluten-free diet began in a fog of confusion. As a single young woman, paying student loans and planning a big wedding, I didn’t have time to dive into all the foods that were and weren’t gluten-free. Social gatherings that once were fun and light hearted became awkward, difficult, and took a lot of planning.

Here I was, six months into my gluten-free journey and a new wife, and for the life of me I didn’t know how and what to cook. Before, my gluten-free allergy I was extremely comfortable in the kitchen but now family traditional meals like lasagna, Italian pasta salad, baked chicken and Friday pizza nights were no longer options. The joy I once I had in the kitchen was now replaced with frustration and stress that made me dread cooking dinner every night.

I shed quite a few tears in my kitchen my first year of marriage. It’s funny now, but my first attempt at making homemade gluten-free bread ended up setting my kitchen aid mixer on fire. The bead loaf also was more useful as a door stopper then for eating.

Picture of Allison founder of A Sweetened Life

(Photo Credit: Dan Terpstra)

Mission of A Sweetened Life

Thankfully, my husband ate dozens of horrible tasting recipes and stayed gluten-free with me out of love not obligation. My persistence and his patience allowed me to find my way back into the kitchen. I’m happy to say that I love cooking and baking again! I look forward to trying new recipes and I still have mishaps. I’m also thankful that gluten-free food options aren’t as scare or rare as they were seven years ago. However as a growing family of five, eating gluten-free and dairy-free foods is extremely expensive. And if you have been gluten-free long enough than you know that some brands just taste badly. A Sweetened Life’s mission is to restore joy and taste back into the kitchen for you. I understand the struggle and want to make cooking a sweet and tasteful experience again.

My Inspiration

When I became a mom, my outlook on food changed radically. Before kids, my husband and I went without foods (i.e. desserts) at social gatherings. Now, I never go without an allergy friendly option so my kids don’t feel left out. Reading food labels for allergy purposes also raised my awareness about other hidden and dirty ingredients, so I try to make all my recipes as clean as possible.

So, what can you expect from A Sweetened Life? Delicious, practical, clean recipes that won’t make you feel deprived as a gluten-free and dairy-free eater.

-Allison Kuslikis

My children are my inspiration for my brand, A Sweetened Life